Town Board

The Town Board consists of five members elected by the Town voters. Current Town Board members are:

Town government is run by the Town Board as the executive, administrative and legislative body of the town. Although the supervisor presides at Town Board meetings and may be assigned certain powers of administration and supervision, it is the Board as a whole that is responsible for governing the Town.

The Hague Town Board normally meets on the second Tuesday of each month and the meetings are open to the public.  Any changes in specific meeting dates will be posted outside the Hague Community Center and will be listed under the News section of this website.

The current Committee appointments of theTown Board members are:

  • Assessor and Justice - Patchett/Fitzgerald
  • Buildings & Grounds / Community Center / Enhancement - Fitzgerald/Patchett
  • Finance / Insurance - Ramant/Patchett
  • Highway - Fitzgerald/Ramant
  • Museum / Historian - Patchett/Ramant
  • Personnel - Cherubini/ Fitzgerald
  • Planning / Zoning / Storm Water Management - Cherubini/Patchett
  • Recreation & Promotion & Youth - Ramant/Cherubini
  • Sewer Districts 1 & 2 - Frasier/Cherubini
  • Town Park & Beautification- Ramant/Frasier
Click Here to View the Agenda for the Next Town Board Meeting, March 13th, 2018
Past Town Board Minutes, By Year