Board of Assessment Review

The Board of Assessment Review consists of five members and an alternate appointed by the Town Board. 
The current Board of Assessment Review members are:

Leslie Midgley
Term Expires 9/30/2025
Michele Gautreau
Term Expires 9/30/2024
Walter Wells
Term Expires 9/30/2023
Oliver Gourley
Term Expires 9/30/2027
Karen Costello
Term Expires 9/30/2026

The Board of Assessment Review meets on the 4th Tuesday in May ( 4:00 – 8:00 PM ) and the meetings are open to the public.
The Board of Assessment Review provides property owners with their first level of formal review should they disagree with their
property’s assessment.  

Prior to filing a grievance form with the Board of Assessment Review, property owners should:

  1. Determine your assessment and full market value by checking the tentative assessment roll.
  2. Determine your own estimate of the market value of your property by reviewing recent sales.
  3. Should you feel that your property’s assessment / full market value is too high, you should discuss this with your assessor.
    An informal discussion between a taxpayer and an assessor can result in sharing of information that can be beneficial to both parties.
  4. Should you still feel that your assessment is too high, you have the right to a formal review of your assessment.

If you are assessed fairly, but you feel that your taxes are too high:
Assessors do not determine your property taxes; the assessor’s job is to ensure that the taxes collected will be distributed fairly among all taxpayers.  If you feel that your assessment accurately reflects the market value of your property, but you still feel that your property taxes are rising unfairly, you may wish to address this matter with the taxing jurisdictions – school board, county legislature, town board or other special districts – that impose taxes in your community. The assessor cannot assist you with tax matters, but only with matters pertaining to the assessed value of your property.

Grievance form RP-524 Instructions

Grievance form Rp-524 Fill in