Planning Board

The Planning Board consists of seven members appointed by the Town Board. Current Planning Board members are:

  • Richard Frasier, Chairperson
  • Pamela Peterson, Deputy Chairperson
  • Dan Belden
  • Martin Fitzgerald, Sr.
  • Judith Gourley
  • Margaret Haskell

The Planning Board meets on the first Thursday of each month and its meetings are open to the public. 
Any change in specific meeting dates will be posted outside the Hague Community Center.

The purpose of the Planning Board is to:

  • Assure that the development within the Town is consistent with the Land Use Plan (Comprehensive Plan)
  • Conduct site plan reviews as required by the Town Zoning and Codes, and review subdivision requests as required by the Town Subdivision Code.
  • Make recommendations to the Zoning Board of Appeals when requested as part of the variance appeal process.

Brief and general descriptions of the processes can be found at:
Site Plan Reviews 
Subdivision Approvals
In unusual situations the processes may vary.

Planning Board Meeting Agendas

Planning Board Meeting Minutes