Zoning Board of Appeals

The Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) consists of seven members appointed by the Town Board. Current ZBA members are:

  • Robert Goetsch, Chairperson
  • Jon Hanna, Deputy Chairperson
  • Maureen Cherubini
  • Linda Mury
  • Lindsay Mydlarz
  • Chris Navitsky
  • Ray Snyder

The ZBA meets on the fourth Thursday of each month and the meetings are open to the public.  Any change in specific meeting dates will be posted outside the Hague Community Center.

The purpose of the ZBA is:

  • To render determinations where variances from the zoning code are requested.
  • To hear appeals from applicants seeking interpretation or reversal of determination by the Zoning Enforcement Officer.

For approval of development which does not conform to the Hague Zoning Code, an applicant is required to complete both the Application for Land Use Development and an Application for a Zoning Board of Appeals Variance. In general the process is summarized as follows:

  1. The Application for Variance is submitted to the Zoning Enforcement Officer.
  2. The ZBA then determines if the application is complete at a first meeting.
  3. The Planning Board makes a recommendation to the ZBA.
  4. At the second meeting of the ZBA, a public hearing is held and a decision is rendered by the ZBA.

Zoning Board of Appeals Agendas

Zoning Board of Appeals Minutes