Highway Department

Town Roads

The Town of Hague Highway Dept. is responsible for maintenance and repairs for the following: (i.e. – paving, drainage, brush/mowing, sanding/salting, etc.)
Should you have any questions or concerns, please call the Highway Dept.

Bass Bay Road
Battle Hill Road
Battle Hill Spur
Carney Point Drive
Cemetery Road
Coldwater Canyon Road
Decker Hill Road
Delaware Avenue
Dock Road
Dodd Hill Road
Fitzgerald Road
Fly Brook Road
Forest Bay Road
Forest Bay North
Forest Bay South

Hollow Road
Holman Hill Road
Lakeshore Terrace
McCoy Road
Mountain View Road
Old Mill Road
Old Mill Spur
Overbrook Road
Pine Cove Road
Pine Orchard Road
Pudding Island Road
Robinhood Drive
Sabbath Day Point Road

Shamrock Hill Road
Shattuck Robbins Road
Silver Bay Road
Split Rock Road
Spring Rock Road
Streeter Hill
Summit Drive (partial)
Sunset Hill Drive
Tannery Lane
Terrace Road
Valley View Road
Watts Hill
Yaw Road


Service Calls: 
To help expedite your request, please be prepared to give the following specific information when you contact us:

  • Your name, physical address and phone number.
  • The exact location of the problem/situation.
  • A brief description of the problem/situation.
  • Is the situation causing traffic flow problems?
  • If situation is an immediate emergency, please call 911.

Installation of any driveway, culvert and in some cases paving on any of the state, county or town roads requires a permit or permission for installation from those departments since there are specifications that need to be met. Call the proper department for more information.

How does the Highway Dept. decide what maintenance or repairs should be done first?
A problem that is an immediate hazard to the public's health, safety or welfare will be given immediate priority (e.g. a tree that has fallen across the road.)

County and State Roads

The Town of Hague has contracts with Warren County DPW (department of public works) and NYS DOT (Department of Transportation) for snow removal services.

Any other problems with county or state roads should be directed as follows:

  • Part of Summit Drive (WC Rt 50), West & New Hague Road (WC Rt 21) and part of Trout Brook Road (WC Rt 21A) are county roads.
    You may call the Warren County DPW at (518) 623-4141 with questions or concerns regarding these roads.
  • Lakeshore Drive (NYS Route 9N) and Graphite Mountain Road (NYS Route 8) are NYS DOT roads.
    You may call NYS DOT in Warrensburg at (518) 623-3511 with questions or concerns about these roads.

Help Wanted: CDL Licensed Driver


Chad Dunklee

Highway Superintendent

Tim Fiallo

Deputy Hwy Superintendent


Phone: (518) 543-6500
E-mail: highwaysuper@townofhague.org


Monday - Friday: 6:00 am - 2:00 pm


170 West Hague Road
Hague, NY 12836