Sewer Districts 1 & 2

Sewer Rent Bills are mailed out annually on the last week of April.

Payment schedule:

May 1-31


No penalty

June 1-30

No penalty

July 1-31

10% penalty

Hours of collection and payment due dates are noted on your utility bill. Postmark will be accepted as date of payment. 

Please make checks or money order payable to:

Town of Hague Sewer Rent Collector
P.O. Box 509
Hague, NY 12836

If you do not receive your utility bill please contact the office at (518) 543-6161 x13 to request a copy.
*Failure to receive a bill does not exempt the property owner from payment of utility bill or penalties.

Sewer User Unit Schedule as last adopted by Resolution # 61 of 2014.

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*Utilities not paid by July 31st are re-levied onto your Town & County Tax Bill.