Town Supervisor

The Supervisor’s Office is generally the first line of contact for residents and other members of the public. 

Through this office, you can obtain a multi-use sticker, which entitles you to to launch your boat for free and to park in specific areas at the Town Beach. Town of Hague multi-use stickers are available for residents at the Community Center during regular work hours (Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm)

You can also apply for a burn permit. Burn permits are issued by the receptionist at the Community Center at times during the year when burning is allowed. Visit the Department of Environmental Conservation page to learn more about permissible burning.

 Supervisor Edna Frasier writes a regular newsletter to provide information about what is taking place in our town and county government. Click Here to visit the News Section to Read the latest Newsletter.

The Supervisor is also the Budget Officer for the town. Budgets, accounts payable and payroll are all handled through this office.
Visit the Town of Hague E-Code to view the Annual Town Budget.

The Supervisor also sits on the Warren County Board of Supervisors, which is the legislative and executive arm of the County.


Monday - Friday: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm


9793 Graphite Mountain Road
Hague, New York 12836



Edna Frasier

Town Supervisor

Phone: (518) 543-6161 Ext. 12 


Diane Trudeau 

Assistant to the Supervisor 

Phone: (518) 543-6161 Ext. 11 

Bertha Dunsmore


Phone: (518) 543-6161 Ext. 10

Steve Ramant

Deputy Supervisor