Wastewater Treatment Plant

2018 Survey for Town of Hague Sewer District Residents

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Sewer Informational Meeting: July 25 at 7pm.

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If your system goes into alarm, or if you smell an odor or have any questions:
Call 518-543-8862 during normal work hours (7 am - 3 pm Monday-Friday).
Call 877-730-2749 for emergency service on weekends, holidays or after hours.

Proper use and maintenance of your sewer system

  • Never put ‘flushable’ wipes, grease, or other damaging items in your toilet or drains. These can damage the system and lead to costly repairs. Click here to watch a video to see how flushable wipes damage wastewater treatment infrastructure.
  • Leave the power to your grinder pump on year-round, even if you close-up and winterize your home. If you won’t be using it for a couple of weeks or more, purge the system by running clean water down the drain until the pump activates. Then turn the water off and allow the pump to run until it shuts off automatically.
  • If there is a power outage, keep your water usage to a minimum until the power returns.

Town of Hague Sewer Asset Management Committee

The Town Board appointed a Sewer Asset Management Committee to help develop ways to better manage the assets. The committee has members from both the public and the private sphere. Read more...


To learn more about our sewer system and your role, read our Frequently Asked Questions.

To learn more about how actions, attitudes and things we most value are so closely connected with water, visit the Water Environment Federation website and the New York Rural Water Association website.


Files available on this page:

Joe McDowell, Operator

John Sheehan, Operator Trainee


Phone: (518) 543-8862
E-mail: wwtp@townofhague.org
Fax: (518) 543-8017


Monday - Friday: 7 AM to 3 PM


68 Decker Hill Rd
Hague, NY 12836