Disclosure Notice


Just to answer some recent questions that have been circulating:
  • There was a Reassessment Question & Answer session at the February Town Board Meeting. (the minutes for the meeting can be found on the Town Website) 
  • March's Town Board Meeting does not include the Reassessment as part of the agenda.
  • Appraiser, Mr.Maxwell is available via Phone for any questions/concerns from March 7th thru the 9th and March 14th thur the 16th from 9AM - 7PM. His Phone Number and e-mail is included on the Disclosure Notice.
  • There additionally will be dates available in May that you can come and sit wit the Town Assessor to review your Assessments.
We hope that you will take advantage of these times to get all of your questions and concerns answered.
Thank you,
The Town of Hague

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