Town of Hague named 2018 Wastewater System of the Year


Town of Hague named 2018 Wastewater System of the Year

The New York Rural Water Association has recognized the Town of Hague as the 2018 Wastewater System of the Year. The award was presented on May 22, 2018, at a ceremony in conjunction with the New York Rural Water Association's 39th Annual Technical Conference, held in Verona, NY. More than 600 people attended the conference, representing the water and wastewater industry. Hague Town Supervisor Edna Frasier and Hague’s Chief Wastewater Operator Joe McDowell accepted the award on behalf of the Town.

The Town of Hague Wastewater System was selected for their forward thinking and commitment to protecting the environment. In response to a Consent Order issued by the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, and with the assistance of Steve Grimm, Wastewater Technician for the New York Rural Water Association, the Town of Hague created a Sustainable Management Committee for the purpose of reviewing the utility operation from all aspects and to ensure the town was properly prepared to operate and maintain their wastewater system from a managerial, financial, and operational perspective. The committee includes Edna Frasier, and her assistant Diane Trudeau, Town Councilman Mike Cherubini, Joe McDowell, three members from the community (Jim Beaty, Ginger Kuenzel and Phil Smith) and Steve Grimm as the facilitator. The committee was formed in 2014 and has worked diligently to identify deficiencies and to initiate plans of action to remedy those deficiencies. The results of their time, dedication and labor can be witnessed in the increased efficiency and regulatory compliance of their wastewater utility.

“The New York Rural Water Association is proud to honor the Town of Hague with this award, and we wish them continued success as they continue to improve the plans set forth to date. The professionalism, work ethic, and dedication of everyone involved have clearly demonstrated a standard that others can learn from and be inspired by their accomplishments,” said Jamie Herman, CEO, New York Rural Water Association. “We congratulate Supervisor Frasier, Operator McDowell and the entire Town of Hague.”

Pictured above from left to right are Operator Joe McDowell, Supervisor Edna Frasier and Steve Grimm from the New York Rural Water Association

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